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    I've been capturing light my whole life, and the composition of this world intrigues me to the fullest. The way people go about their days, how different cultures interact with their environment and society, the way we mourn our loved ones. I am everywhere, full of possibilities and ideas, looking for the right time to capture the emotion that is exuded from my subject, just at the moment when the light cascades down her face and a smile breaks from her eyes.

   I pull the essence out of my environments using the ambient light as my number one tool, capturing the true beauty and feeling of the atmosphere in which I am given. A photograph that you can still hear the music and voices as the wine glasses touch rims, to see the people still walking through the rain, the happiness that radiates from a child’s face, the warmth of the sun, and the pull of the moon.

  I would consider myself to be a "photojournalist" style of a photographer, with a extended and diverse approach to any subject of interest, a multidimensional person that steps back and sees life from all angles and perspectives, and with a vivacious attitude, I love what I do.

-Justin K L Smith